Sunday, 30 June 2013

Midi Album

Last Friday I attented a course at Riddersholm Design. The teacher had made a  beautiful mini-midi-maxi album from Riddersholm's very elegant papers: Fall Flea Market. We were 10 people attending and it was a very nice and worthwhile experience. My copy of the album has been changed a bit in comparison with the exercise, however, not much.

For the front page I cut out an image from one of Riddersholm's papers. I backed the lady with dark paper so that she would stand out. From a 6x6 paper stack I cut out the same lady and glued her on the back of the album, also with a dark background.

The album is folded with three main pages and on the front of the first page there is a pocked with some pages for photos. I have closed the pockets with magnets.

When this page is opened (on the inside) there is a album with three pages also for photos. I have decorated the beautiful paper with a lace.

First page of the opened album.

On the middle part of the album there is another pocket like the one in front of page one. Also closed with magnets.

Here the pocket is opened. Room for many photos.

On the last of the three pages there are two smaller pockets made after the same principle as the bog ones. 

There is room for a tag with a photo in each pocket. 

These small pockets are also closed with magnets.